Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I'm only resting after a hard day napping...

I was reading Dawn's blog and read about Blog Action Day . I thought it was quite fitting as I had spent the whole afternoon with some colleagues and kids recycling books. We would be moving premises in Nov and we decided that we should have less than we brought to holding school. So we got all our novels/readers and had a book sale - 2 books for $1.00. The money that we got is going towards buying resources for the kids in 2008.

There was quite a frenzy of buying and the 13 year-olds spent a good afternoon persuading all the teachers and other students to buy novels to give away as presents or just for their own reading pleasure. We then spent what was left of the afternoon putting our things in the recycling bins.

Grandma is also doubling her recycling efforts and had spent the afternoon cleaning out the store room and putting things out for the recycling people this Friday :)

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Wei said...

Tired Bujang? very good boy help San to entertain guests during Hari Raya... well deserved rest =)