Monday, October 15, 2007


Ms Akira is a master at this act. If you blink, you would miss it.

My video skills as as usual, blurry :) but I hope you can see how my kitty burrows her way to her very own cocoon where she will stay for the whole day...


cat_aunty said...

Funny Miss Akira! Does she always sleep under the daisy blanket?

She looks like an Egyptian princess, with her long profile.

san said...

Yup. It used to belong to Bujang. Then Toro inherited it. But during the day, she is the owner and at night, Toro would sleep on it :)

My sis calls it her big nose. She thinks Ms Akira's nose is too big for her face..:)

cat_aunty said...

so the blanket has Toro's smell on it?

So Miss Akira can tolerates that?

She is just pretending to be nasty to Toro?

san said...

I think it is more like a family smell since Bujang's smell must be there too :) but who knows what is in Ms Akira's mind..hahaha