Saturday, October 20, 2007

Megat's fishing expedition

Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care...

Megat has taken to stealing grandma's fried fish again. he did this when he first came but we thought that was because he had been a stray for such a long time and found it difficult to integrate into an indoor cat household. It has been quite a long time that he had not done this but these past 2 weeks, there were 3 incidents of Megat surreptitiously eating grandma's fried fish on the kitchen counter.

We had tried to put the fish in the toaster oven and even blocked the oven door with the heavy tissue stand but to no avail. I think the Hari raya smells of all things fatty and fried triggered his dormant responses :)

Grandma threatened Megat that she would put him back in the carpark if he misbehaves again but megat ignored her and went to sleep under the coffee table :) Then 10 minutes later, grandma would relent and tells him that he is 'so poor thing' and she would pet him on his head!

Megat is the only one who eats fried fish and would actually get up on the counter to check out grandma's cooking. Bujang gets up on the counter so he could walk towards the kitchen window to peer at the birds. Ms Akira does it to get on top of the fridge where she could peer in safety at the goings-on in the kitchen. Toro does not get up on counter, not for the lack of trying but I think because he has short legs. I know the most sensible action is to train the amigos to stop getting on the counters but the easier one is to try to persuade Megat that there is nothing delicious on it in the first place. An even easier one is not to have any fried fish at all where he could get at it with his nimble paws. I think we will try this option first :)


cat_aunty said...

Hmmm. Interesting turn of events.

I wonder what trigger this response.

Is Megat feeling insecure?

san said...

I don't think he is feeling insecure. I think he is getting a great deal more confident these days. He now sleeps on grandma's bed, walks into the computer room by himself and would rest on the bookshelf even when there is no one in the room, meets me at the front door and would wait until I open the door. he has also taj=ken over Bujang's snugs, would sleep on Bujang's basket in the sky and yell loudly at dinner. He would also sit in between Toro and Bujang quite bravely and have taken to giving the boys brave stares.These are not the behavoours of an insecure kitty I think. :)

auntie p said...

To a cat that had lived outside, fried fish is food! My foster Billy from the early days also stole my mom's fried fish when he was brought home. It was hilarious, although mom was quite furious then!