Monday, October 22, 2007

Stop that Totoro!

In easy times...
Toro dreaming up of his next bout of shenanigans...

It finally happened.
My cat Totoro has finally flipped out.
He actually pulled out the hair on his tail.....and
ate it...
I had to stop him...
"STOP THAT TORO!" I yelled and jumped up from dinner to stop him.
Toro was quite shocked and started to walk away quickly.
I gave him some bonito flakes and he stopped long enough for me to look at his tail.
"Stop it Toro. What happened?"
"He looks stressed," my cousin said and indeed he did.
After two pieces of bonito flakes, he relaxed and sat as usual with his arms folded.
Grandma then cuddled him and she crooned, "Darling...."
After some thinking I thought he might be feeling stressed when he saw Bujang chasing after Megat. He hid under the chair, quietly watching them. It could be envy or just plain fright.
After 10 minutes, he sat and visibly relaxed and is now napping.
He gave me such a fright.
My poor kitty Totoro had a big fright today.
I think...


cat_aunty said...

Toro ah, what happen???

Could he be, just, erm, grooming??

san said...

When he grooms his tail even, he would just bite and lick it down. Yesterday he literally pulled his fur off his tail. It came off in 2 separate strands that he promptly chewed and swallowed. I dunno if this is grooming but its the first time he has done this.