Sunday, October 21, 2007

Where are you Big Casanova?

I lurve napping on my flowered cushion...zzzz

Looking at this picture of Bujang, I am reminded of Big Casanova the big black tomcat that I used to feed. He was an infrequent but welcome dinner guest. When he first came, he used to try to intimidate FatBoy and Cal would frequently have dinner on the run when he was about.
However he has not come to dinner for a whole month. This is pretty strange even for a sometime-dinner guest as he would frequently appear twice a week for dinner and two weeks before he disappeared, he was at dinner every night, much to Cal's dismay. My cousin said she saw him hiding in the drain where we usually feed Putih the last week before he totally disappeared and when she tried to feed him, he snarled and scowled at her, which was very strange behaviour as he would usually just meow softly for food before. I think something horrid must have happened to him to make him change his behaviour so radically. Someone may have hurt him cos he does look pretty scary since he is a very big tomcat with a face like a saucer. I had wanted to make friends so I can get V to catch him for neutering. But now well...
I hope he has found a new person with whom he can get dinner as even with us, he just appeared out of nowhere and came to stay for a bit.
I hope life is treating you well Big C. You know you can always come back for dinner anytime with us.

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cat_aunty said...

Be happy wherever you are, Big C