Friday, May 31, 2013

How to make a drinking fountain

This is what we have when the water fountain is in full force because the pump only has one setting. It sometimes startles the amigos and I have yet to see either Bujang or Tanaka drinking from it. I thought it would be useful for everyone who needs a glass or porcelain fountain for the kitties or doggies.

 This is what it looks like in reality. You have one big receptacle to hold the water. This one holds 8 cups of water, enough for 4 cats. Our white receptacle (from etsy) is porcelain and human grade.
 This glass bowl (from etsy) is drilled in the middle to allow for the fountain
The bottom of this bowl is scalloped to allow for the wire of the pump. This bowl houses the pump, filter and activated carbon like below

 The tube is made of plastic and can be gotten for free at tropical fish pet stores.
This one cost me $10.50 but has only one speed. If you live in Singapore, you need to get a pump that has the correct voltage. The pump from etsy cannot be used because of this.You can get activated carbon for about $1.50.

The Assembly
 Clean the pump first :) before placing it in the centre
 Pump and sponge filter
If your pump has only one speed, the tubing is way too long. I need to find one that has different speeds though.
 Our first try was like this but the water spurts out in a long arc and everyone got very wet!
This was more like it. 
The man at the tropical fish shop reminded me to always ensure that the pump is under water. If not it gets spoiled easily. I was also given a copper tubing but that is still in the workshop for cutting. I am also experimenting with an acrylic tube.
This is our 2nd fountain. I bought the larger receptacle from BHG.It cost me $12.50 and made in Japan. The smaller bowl needs one hole drilled at the bottom and another cut at the side as this is not scalloped for the wire of the pump. This one has a fountain is not as startling. The pump is similar to the one above and even the tubing is the same. Its a great mystery to me.
This bowl is much better and I do not know why the fountain is not as vigorous as the other one as we had used the same size pump and plastic tubing.

I do not know what the fuss is. Surely they can drink from a plain water bowl like I do. Sheesh!

PS. I had bought both these fountains from etsy and some of the proceeds from the sale is sued for persian cat rescue. But I thought it good to share how they had assembled the fountain as if I assemble all these elements myself, it would be a fraction of the price. However, there is some skill involved in drilling on glass and porcelain and I have yet to learn it from the workshop teachers. Beth had also provided me with a copper tube. I am very grateful to Beth (the seller) as I was pretty desperate for a water fountain and our Cat-It one is plastic. Beth had also given me a good discount and  it arrived 2 weeks from USA, right to our door :)


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We think you are VERY creative, San!

The Chans

Ginger Jasper said...

I think they are both lovely and so much better than a drinking bowl.. Hugs GJ x

Eileen said...

These fountains are lovely. Beautiful things for the kitties. Meow, Jessica

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