Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just Because

She is feeling so much better and seem to blossom very well. She is still over-grooming but we have seen some fuzz over her hind legs although her abdomen is as clean and unfuzzy-like as ever. She is more able to stand up to the boys (at a safe distance and always under supervision). I was also quite pleased that this morning, when Tanaka was trying to put his paw into her cage, she made a clever move of jumping down onto the bottom of her cage, away from him and then she yawned widely. Before this, she would have screamed at him loudly, which in turn would make Tanaka even more excited. So this morning, both of them we relaxed.

The best thing is that she has started to play and would climb over the boxes with great confidence and last night, she made a loud request to go out for a night walk along the corridor, after a whole month of just putting on her harness and then having to take it off again in a few seconds.

Although this is the second month she is on Revolution and a fish diet, I think the arrangement of letting her out in the afternoons while Tanaka and Megat are sequestered has been very helpful for her recovery.

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