Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday notes and updates

Napping is pretty hard work...
and a thirsty one too. 

Ms Akira is doing quite well with the new arrangement of being outside and she has indicated (by warning growls) that she would like longer times outside. The problem is she would only go outside when I am home although she is at perfect liberty to go out as the baby gates would be open in the afternoon. 

In this case, she would have shorter times outside as I am home late sometimes. When this happens the boys have to stay in the room a longer time. I need to see if there is another way to do this.

Tanaka has been doing quite well inside the room but yesterday he had a slight fever I think from being inside for about 7 hours. On the positive side Tanaka has been much more relaxed in front of her and once had stretched himself and actually yawned and took a nap in front of the baby gates. This is a far cry from his behavior of being on alert every time he sees her inside the room.

There has been only one screaming match between Ms Akira and Megat when both were outside at the same time. But that was my fault for not paying close attention to the both of them. Megat was extremely curious and stealthy and Ms Akira extremely nervous under the covers.

I am also putting Revolution on all the kitties. I had started from last month. This is because eventhough the vets told me Ms Akira has no mites, I was told by a few pawrents that it was only after many months of vigilance (and close examination by their vets)  that they finally found that their  cats did in fact have mites. 

Ms Akira is also taking some coconut oil for her fur as well and I am giving Megat the oil for constipation. I always wonder why all the cats (and dogs) that I had read about that had to take coconut oil loved it. How did THAT happen? None of the amigos would take it voluntarily. I have to give Megat (for constipation) and Tanaka (for his shedding) through a syringe. They get 0.5 a day and I had to just rub some coconut oil at Ms Akira's mouth. She does not yell but this morning, she decided to hide out! Bujang is a little hit and run :)


meowmeowmans said...

Well, it sounds like a generally good report for Miss Akira (and everyone else). Sorry to hear the amigos don't like the coconut oil.

Anonymous said...

I have an overgroomer that I'm trying Zylkene (http://www.msd-animal-health.co.uk/products_public/zylkene/overview.aspx) for because she is also timid and easily spooked. I thought of Miss Akira and wondered if it would be of benefit to her, too?