Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday calm

Where are the beans Toro?

Its all over Tanaka. Beans have all gone back to work so they can buy us stuff to eats...
THAT is what they should have been doing instead of coming here and disturbing the peace!

Its all calm and serenity today. The kitties are all minding their own business and the beans are not so harrassed :) Life is going on as per normal.

But what is not going on as normal is that on the 20th Oct, Dr L would not be in for Megat's vincristine and the nurses told me that Dr Sh has left the practice. *sigh* This can sometime be a very 'harrassing' practice although they are all very kind to the animals and the beans alike.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I used to be stressed by high vet turnover too. I like Dr MP, P and SH. Replacement Dr T is more like Dr MP-thorough, gentle and conventional.

KXBC said...

Their branch at Simei is really cramped. I prefer the Balestier one because it is probably closer to where I live. :)