Friday, September 18, 2009

Oahhh the vomitting san...

san is making me visit Dr TH today fur my vomitting. I am fine san, FINE...F_I_N_E

I made an appointment today at 4.30 pm to see Dr TH as Toro had been vomitting for 2 days - once a clear liquid and this morning some undigested food. Then I came home and read up on the side effects and it seems that vomitting and soft stools are 2 of the side effects that may occur but it is not nec to stop the protocol. Vomitting may stop spontaneously also.

So I cancelled our appointment as I do not want Toro to be so stressed out at the hospital unnecessarily. I think I will see how he does first. Anyway it is now raining very hard here and this would add to our stress as we have to travel some distance to Balestier. If he should continue to vomit, then I would have to bring him on Sunday, HR notwithstanding. It seems that Saturday would be busy at the hospital and its already full. I would be a walk-in. Aiyoh! I do not want to repeat my experience last Tuesday. I was not even a walk-in then!


Anonymous said...

Poor Torro. Glad you are peeing well which is good news! Our pet saw Dr TH yesterday. Diva-pet went thru blood tests without kicking (rare) and vet is gentle & thorough.

Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

Hang in there!