Monday, September 21, 2009

Selamat Hari Lebaran

Toro was very shy the whole 1st day of Hari Raya. He kept to himself and kept hiding with every noise that he heard and there was a lot of noise. He only came out in the evening for dinner and then later on at about 9 pm. Almost all the guests asked after him and I had to tell them that he was shy and didn't like crowds...which is true. He hid behind my vanity, behind the curtains and in the sink. I was a little anxious as I thought he would be too stressed to pee but I was glad to see that the noise and guests didn't deter him :)

"Ooohhh what a pretty kitty, " was the refrain from everyone when they saw Tanaka who sometimes deign to visit with the guests. He very good-naturedly and obligingly stopped for pictures :) But it was too much even for Tanaka as he had to escape quite often to rest .

Bujang, as usual did his host duty very well and actually allowed some of the guests to pet him and to take his pictures. Sister S had to warn the guests repeatedly that Bujang was a little temperamental and might bite so they had to be very careful with showing interest. Once we had a whole mob of people - more than 20 at one time (and its from one family!). Even Bujang had to escape and I had to rescue him from the mob.

Ms Diva Akira did not make an appearance the whole day :) She sat in her room and meditated on the noise. She was calm and collected and came out to play only when the guests went home and the boys in their rooms :)

The greatest surprise to all of us was Megat. He very suddenly decided that he would take over Bujang's duty as the Host with The Most :) and spent his time in the midst of the crowd all the time. When he got tired of the attention he would go away, only to reappear minutes later. He sat with the guests and even kept quiet when two of them put him on their laps and petted him! When he was not sitting amidst the guests , he would be sitting under the table in between the guests. WAHHH... he truly enjoyed himself yesterday. I thought I should allow him to rest from his usual meds (but not his compulsory ones like aranesp) but today he would have to be back on with everything. I am glad he had such a good time with everyone yesterday.

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