Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Somebody..I have a blocked cat here...

Why does the man call me a blocked cat?
I know I am a little slow but please....

I decided to take him to Dr L as he vomitted 3 times in 2 days after the metacam. Dr L saw him and read his stats and said "Hmmm...it could mean many things...why did they diagnose it like this? HUH!!!

He then prodded Toro abdomen. "His kidneys feel a little swollen..." He said that just because the kitty was squatting, it does not always mean bladder infection and he said Toro was a little older than his supposed years. Even young cats can get kidney trouble!

I had to help him and placed my finger on Toro's vein as there was no immediate help available. Toro did not like it and tried to squirm out (but just a little). Another vet came in to help - a Caucasian man (Dr TH) with an accent that I found a little difficult to understand. Dr L told me his name twice but I still can't figure it out. He asked me if Megat and Toro ever fought (No), whether Toro had been tested for FIV/Felv (No) whether Toro had trouble eating and drinking (No) but I founf out that Toro has some plaque(possibly something that I have to deal with later) Then he said the bladder felt a little thick and there is some urine still. he said that we might have to do a urine test but we will see what his hematology test show.

After what seemed a long time, the results show that Toro is fine and there is nothing wrong with him.

His indicators :
BUN 20 (10-30); his CRE 1.7 (0.3-2.1),
his ALB 3.9 (2.2- 4.4); his ALT 15 (20-100)
his GLU 116 (70-150)
his TP 6.8

Dr L then gave us antibiotics instead for 20 days Marbocyl, to be taken after food. I wanted to give Toro his pill after dinner but after he came home from the hospital, he just decided that he was not hungry and preferred to rest. So maybe I would give it to him later after his biscuits because he would be hungry later since he has not eaten anything from 3.00 pm.

I am very glad I listened to my instincts and brought him to the vet. I had changed my mind in the pm and thought maybe he should just rest and I could monitor him but at the last minute I changed my mind as I know I would regret it later.

With Megat, I didn't act on my instincts. Eventhough I knew there might be something wrong, when I felt the hardness against his abdomen, I listened to the vet when she said she could not feel anything hard. Then after 3 months I found out that he had lymphoma!! Once bitten twice shy!


cat_aunty said...

Dear San, don't blame yourself....you have been doing all you can for Megat, and he is doing well

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Toro did not agree with his meds. He is in all probability, fine. If cat/dog does not have hyperthryroidism, there is Plaque-Off for pets which keeps teeth clean/gums healthy. Available from vet clinics.

KXBC said...

San, maybe don't delay the tooth cleaning procedure. Dirty teeth may lead to infection of the internal organs. Same for humans also. The bad thing is it is very difficult to brush their teeth.

Anonymous said...

A good time for scaling (to me) is when pets have to under-go surgery ;) I find Pro-Den Plaque-Off effective and give to younger cats/dogs. Older pet has brushing with electric toothbrush with small soft attachment daily & fruity toothpaste-it is used to the sound. Wish they have tuna flavoured paste. The new Caucasian vet is friendly. Had a short chat with him when my cat was in ICU last week and understand that he is experienced. Personality-wise, quite the opposite of Dr L ;)

Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

Poor little Toro. We are crossing all our paws that he will feel all better soon.