Thursday, September 17, 2009

I will survive :)

Toro vomitted again this morning at about 5 . I heard him painfully (to my mind) retching. I left him alone to his business. He is smart not to vomit in bed or on his own blanket (we leave that to Bujang) However when Bujang does something like this, he would announce it and insist that someone (usually me) cleans it up immediately.
Then, the business over, he sat further apart and groomed himself, ran about the darkness and then plonked himself on the floor near the bed. I decided by this time to get up to clean up after him and having noticed me moving, he jumped up the bed, head-butted my face and purred a good morning. I did not protest as he was a good kitty for vomitting in the bathroom rug instead of the bed.
It was not undisgested food, rather a clear liquid. I do not know what this means but I don't think its dangerous as he was very cheerful and ate breakfast hungrily. And yes, he did pee in his bins :)
Which leaves me to just give him the rest of his antibiotics with an easy mind and next week, to get the anti-plaque toothpaste. I will deal with the toothbrusing issue then. I am only thankful that it is Toro and not saber-toothed-Bujang or vice-mouthed- Megat.


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ck said...

San, it could be your tuna-belly boy is reacting to the antibiotics you're giving him. Check whether your vet can prescribe a milder antibiotics for him. My cat, Sparky, has the same reaction if he takes Clamavox (I think that's how it's spelled). Can't remember the new antibiotics he's taking now, I need to go home and check.

Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

My first cat, Ikkyu, started vomiting when he was a kitten and continued all his life. Other than the unpleasantness (for me) of having to clear up after him, it didn't seem to bother him one bit.

But maybe it is the drugs that are a little strong on Toro's stomach?


KXBC said...

My CC will have loose stool when he takes in any medicine. His stomach is really weak.

Sometimes, they will also just vomit some saliva (not hairball). Mostly it is because of the hairball wrecking a little havoc in their tummy.