Sunday, November 29, 2009


Toro sulking at dinner time...

This evening Toro refused all the wet food that I tried to give him - the Fussiecat, salmon and tuna, the BURP salmon and gravy, the Natural Balance. I even tried to give him the IAMS chicken dry food. But he said NO to everything. So I told him that in that case, he would have to go without dinner and walked out of the kitchen.

He spent the next hour sitting with grandma :) but later came to the kitchen to ask for food and ate his IAMS chicken without further tantrums. The amigos have decided that they are fed-up with Orijen and so I had to find a suitable substitute for them that everyone would eat. Everyone eats IAMS Healthy Naturals Chicken Of cos Megat eats his own renal diet but he is very partial to Orijen. He gets a little bit of Orijen and mostly Walthams Renal and some wet food.

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