Sunday, November 08, 2009

New Cat-It

The water spurts out from the middle. Its much neater and quieter.

One of our Cat-Its said its last goodbye yesterday. It was the one that Toro likes to drink from. I then put a big bowl of water, which he ignored most of the day. I think he was used to drinking water from the fountain and needed some time to re-adjust. i thought he would get the hang of it this morning but to no avail. We have 2 other Cat-Its in different parts of the house but as he likes this particular place and he drinks water regularly from there, grandma thought we should get him another one. Also, we needed him to drink more water as he had UTI some months ago. Then of course there were the accidents of the boys kicking the bowl over when they were playing and chasing each other last night.

PL only had the Dog-It left and then there was this one. I had seen this one in the net and I read good reviews and so I bought it. its much easier to dismantle and clean. But Toro, true to form, has just walked past it and taken a few sniffs. It would take one more day or until he sees some other kitty use it. Megat took to it immediately though. But then megat is very brave to try new things unlike Toro and Bujang.

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cat_aunty said...

ok...i hope toro uses it soon....persians, they are finicky!