Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Monkey Business

I wonder whose monkeys have escaped...

There was a great deal of furor in the neighbourhood. This evening Cousin r saw a whole bunch of policemen hanging around FatBoy's area. the old aunty (who will be moving house soon) told her that there were 2 monkeys on the loose and the policemen had got them up a tree. All were waiting for the people from the zoo to appear to catch them. It seemed that these 2 monkeys had been on the loose since a few days ago in another area.

I think they belong to some residents as where would the monkeys come from- PR being reclaimed land and we have no green to talk about. So they could only belong to some crazy residents who think that monkeys are pets and not wild animals. When will people learn to leave Nature alone.

I suppose we will read about this in the papers tomorrow and learn the truth. I hope the moneys will be okay.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan said...

We also hope that the monkeys will be fine. Keep us posted, San!

Anonymous said...

Police are not trained to handle animals - at least not the ones who came when we reported a python.
However, policemen do add to the excitement of the wayang. Hope monkeys are ok - run monkeys run!! Python? We took it for a walk to "forest".

Anonymous said...

Hi San

I am from PR too. A few days ago while feeding the community cats, someone also told me that there were 2 monkeys present at around 6plus in the evening and were chasing a ginger cat!

I don't think they are anybody's pets cause I have seen monkeys on a few occasions in the park with the beach (u know what i mean?). I had seen 2 monkeys at the park about 2 weeks ago. Wondering if these 2 monkeys were the same as the ones I saw. I also wish them well and safe too.

PS: I was also thinking of writing about these 2 monkeys in my blog and named it "Monkey Business" too. But alas I didn't get to do it and you beat me to it. Hahaha.