Sunday, November 29, 2009

Easy Peasy Sunday

This Sunday, it is too hot to chase the boys so I am just going to laze about...ohh..yeah.....
Thanks to our friends at the poupounette for giving us this award :) They are very generous and had given us this award that their friends Petey, Virus, Hyssing and Bajas over at The Wrigglebutt had given them.

It is truly a blessing that Megat, our 13 going on 14 FIV adopted kitty, is in remission from lymphoma and every day that we spend with him is a blessing. He is getting his mojo back and has discovered the joy of play and chasing after the boys :)

We are passing this award to our friend Spencer who is taking care of his person Cat-aunty and Max who is doing well. Now Spencer is also taking care of Hat. She is a real trooper.

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