Sunday, October 25, 2009

Update on Megat

Whenever I see him sleeping so carelessly like this, it takes my breath away as I think about the anxieties and fears in our 5 month journey together. I still keep feeling his side for fear that the lymphoma is back and I sometimes think I feel a hardness one day but not the next day. I know I could be feeling intestines etc and so I try to keep the fear locked up. I do not want to bring him back to the hospital before his month is up (13 nov) as I do not want him to feel stress as he is happy and feeling well. He has told every one in the house that he is the BOSS and that he feels better. He is drinking water everyday, eating his supplements and yells loudly at meal times.
I will not be going to our blog Journey Into Life until 13 nov where I will post an entry about his update. I hope to write about Megat here mostly :)

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