Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Megat resting after dinner...

We were all very surprised to see Megat sleeping on the comforter so near all of us after dinner. He usually has to take his meds at about 8 and he would be long gone from sight well before that on other days. He was very relaxed and didn't run even when we brought him his meds and waited quietly for Cousin R to get him, yawning a little, as though extremely unconcerned about what was going to happen.

He took his meds like a good kitty and didn't even react even though we had put 1/2 of the cranberry powder with his usual supplements :) He is either gettign used to the routine after 5 months or he is plotting a scheme :)

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Anonymous said...

My poor MCat dreads vet visits. He had a series of health problems & 2-hr wait was common. We cut back on vet visits (call Dr L instead) & stopped accupuncture sessions. MCat has Bach Flower #2 Fear and is losing that BIG-eyed look.

Glad to hear that Megat is relaxed. It is the vet clinic stress ;)