Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vet Review for 2 cats

No more hiding from pills...

Toro also had good news and his bladder is no more swollen. Dr L sniffed at his bottom (HUH!) and was pleased. He poked about Toro's abdomen and congratulated Toro on his good health (Good job boy!) :) But he said that the bad news is once a kitty had UTI, the kitty would always get it again. So he suggested some homeopathic care just to take care of this and we left with cranberry and some UTI crystals that I had to rub onto his gums.

Dr L said the cranberry is sour but cats cannot taste anything sour so it should be ok. I should have known better as Toro can smell something fishy in his food from 1000 miles away and refused to eat the cranberry laced wet food, no matter what. I also tried to give the cranberry to Megat as Dr L said it would be ok for Megat to have them too and even Megat, whose sense of smell is rather awry, did not like his food :( After he ate his wet food, he promptly threw up. I decided for megat at least, I would have to include it in his supplements but he did not take that too kindly. But slowly does it for Megat.

Dr L recommends that Toro eats more wet food instead. Toro likes kibble more than anything so I guess that would also take some adjustment on both our routines :)
I am so happy I dun have to go to hospital fur a whole long month...

As the news from Dr L is very good, I decided to use his happy picture. Dr L did a short blood test and so Megat did not have to endure a long session. It was for his PCV and TP only. Dr L was very happy and so was I when it showed 30% (very good) from the 7% for his PCV 3 weeks ago. HURRAH!! His TP was so much better and now is at 7.7 (this is excellent). All in all it was a very good day for our house.

Dr L said his fur was very soft and he looks very good and jokingly recommended all and sundry to take whatever it is that Megat is taking for good skin and general health :) It is true that Megat has the best fur texture compared to the rest of the amigos. When it comes to things like this, it would be Megat, Akira, Toro, Tanaka and Bujang. Bujang is last because he refuses to allow anyone to brush his fur.

I asked Dr L if we could stop the sub-q for Megat and if I can just give him water in a syringe instead. "NO!" he said quickly. "The sub-q is very different from just water." So it looks like the sub-q would be a permanent feature of his care. I really would have to practise and see if I can give him the sub-q by myself. Cousin R has been helping me with the sub-q all this while, just to hold him while I put in the needle.

So its the same regimen of sang hwang suppositories, colloidal silver, shark cartilage and milk thistle. I have decided that I would give him milk thistle for his liver instead of the hepavite as THAT is nasty. So I think eventhough he would never be free from his cancer, at least it is at bay for the time being.

Dr L also asked me if he was happy and I was very glad to be able to say it aloud. Yes he is :) I think things are really looking up for Megat :)
On an even lighter note Dr L said that he tries everything that he gives his patients and one of these days if he does not appear, I would know what had happened to him :) Aiyoh!


Anonymous said...

What great news!! All the best to Megat and Toro & rest of cats. I don't think Dr L has fed a kitty in a long while ;)

KXBC said...

Great news!