Saturday, October 03, 2009

One more Marbocyl Day

I do not like the pill...really...

Tomorrow will be the lst day for his marbocyl. he has been very good at taking it. of course he sometimes has to be persuaded but now he finds it easy to just swallow the pill once it is in his mouth. He no more maneuvers the pill out of his mouth and he doesn't try to pretend to have swallowed it as I always ask him to open his mouth so I can check. Then he gets 2 treats which he likes better than 1.

I was quite anxious this morning when I saw 2 mounds of litter but nothing underneath both. I was thinking that Toro had tried to pee and was not able to do it. I sat him down and told him that if that was the case, then he would have to see Dr L before the 13th Oct! I was very glad that at 10.30 pm, when I got all the boys into the room to calm down before sleep, he was in the litter peeing a storm.

I now think it was Megat who had piled up the mounds as he is still having a little constipation today. He was able to poo last night though so I am not very worried...yet.

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