Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cat Towers

This is from Shanghai and would cost me S$305.00 with a S$52.00 shipping fee from Shanghai seaport to Singapore customs and then I would have to pay custom taxes, transportation etc. Its nice but maybe not something I would actually buy. It seems they have shipped one to Singapore last week :)

Yup ...I actually desire these towers:) The amigos have not seen them and of course they have yet to figure out how to shop online and I keep the credit cards under wraps :) I think the second set can be made rather my carpenter friend, not me lah. The kitties can even climb up the ladder.


KXBC said...

I just bought one from PLC Vivo. Think it was around $201 after discount. Includes delivery. And it is 3-layer around 1.4m tall.

The gang likes it a lot. It even has a round cube on top for sleeping. It has since becomes XX's sleeping place.

san said...
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san said...

Ahhh..the ones from the picture issit or another one? Cat trees are very expensive here :(