Thursday, December 03, 2015

Thursday Thots

I am glad she figured out it is better to be on the bed than under it. Tanaka was in the computer room so she had more courage to walk about. But right after the incident where Tanaka bit her behind she became more afraid of him and did not walk about the house as comfortably as before the incident. This one incident had undone many weeks of work to get her comfortable to be outside with him and to get him to accept her. 

Ms Akira is slow to trust and is extremely cautious of new things. Tanaka forgets things easily and does not always think of others before 'fun'. But he is not stressed being in the computer room although he said he is very curious about the outside.

2 comments: said...

I hope they'll get used to each other very soon and will feel comfortable together. Maybe they could even become friends?:)

Kari said...

We are heartbroken hearing of Akira's set back. Poor stressed kitty. We'll certainly keep her in our prayers. We feel very close with her.