Sunday, December 27, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

This is the last Sunday of 2015. We would like to give thanks for our health and even though our year end blood tests were not as good as we wanted, at least none of us were in very serious trouble. Bujang, Tanaka and Popps kidney values were a little higher but only just. So our acupuncturist Dr Oh will adjust our medications. San agreed with Dr Oh that we should not begin on the Fortekor just yet as that is long term medication and not easy to wean us off it. 

The only one of us who has to get the SubQ was Bujang and yes he did allow San to give him the fluids and he did take the new herbal meds quite easily as long as San does the SubQ 'quickly and with no pain'. When it comes to TCM Bujang said 'a bit only dont give him too much at a time. Else he spits out.' So at least San had this covered. 

The only one who has not gone to see the vet is Akira. She will go next week. We hope she will be just fine. 

To end this Sunday, San thought that it would be nice to leave you with our thoughts this morning after our reiki with Fern. But before that we would like to wish you a very good week ahead full of love and warmth with family. 

Bujang: He was a bit sleepy and was relaxed. I praised him a lot for taking meds and injection. He just looked at me and didnt say anything. I know he understands why he needs to do this. Sometimes he may get annoyed while you try to administer those things though.

Akira: She is OK but quite lively today which I'm glad. She said something about fish. I saw whole fish. She was quite interested. She said B was a little embarrassed towards her and P that the boss like him was pinned down to take those meds :). A said to him that for her and P no problem now! :))

Tanaka: He was quite aloof today during the session but overall he was fine. Bored as usual and looking for actions. He was cute and at the end of session he was sweet and reached over to kiss my hand!!  Oh he said he enjoyed the food! 

Poppy: She was alert and active. Good mood and peaceful. She said she is happy.

Have a good final week for 2015 everyone. 


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

The important thing, Amigos, is to be loved and well-cared for and we know you you have those things aplenty!

Thank you for your year-end thoughts. We hope you will have a good year in 2016. And we were so happy that Popps is happy!

The Chans

Kari said...

We feel strongly that the up and comming months hold nothing but good things. We are so proud of everyone especially Bujang. Fluids will make him feel better. Maybe San's touch reassure him of this. And Poppy is happy! Big celebration and treats for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that Bujang allows SubQ fluid. It helps to flush out bad stuff. Our older cats takes to SubQ routine well. It is indeed a good year when the kitties are well. ; D