Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This week has been a busy one fur us, errr... actually just san. We cats just hang out but she had cross-country and term tests and papers to grade so we have not been blogging on time. But at least we managed to persuade her that late blogging is better than no blogging :)

The best news fur this week is about my bruffer Bujang and the fact that none of his vertebraes had any indication of stress anymore. Adrian , our osteopath had checked each one and fur that we are furry grateful. His next appointment is in 3 months! I fink mine is in a month or so. I better not remind san as I do not like the journey there although I like Adrian. 

San is also grateful that I had not bugged my sisfur much and I was a good boy and did not go into the kitchen to disturb her. I only kept one eye on her from the living room. But this was sometimes boring so I would just rest in the bedroom or take a nap. I am also grateful as sometimes Akira prefurs to stay in the room instead and would not come out even though san had asked her. So THAT is good fur shure...

We are all grateful that all offur us, including our friends from downstairs, the community cats are safe. To end this post san said she would put up several pikshurs of me walking along the corridor on Good Friday. I fink it's the best idea she has had fur months. 
    Last Friday I took a long walk along the corridor immediately after the rain. It was sunny but cool. 
I told san I would like to try riding this purple bike as we have the same colors. But san said I should learn to ride it first. 
I was curious why san puts ice in the pots fur the orchids. San says she read in a blog that to encourage orchids to flower, one has to put ice in their pots. I have yet to see this pot bear any flowers though. 
I also made a stop to see my raindow buffers. I do this ever time I walk outside. San thinks it is strange that I do this as none offur the other kitties do it.  
                             It remains fur us to wish effuryone a Good Easter. 


Whipple and Pepper said...

Hello Tanaka, you seem to have had a very productive Sunday. We are glad to hear about the news of Bujang and his visit to the osteopath. And the continued improvement between you and Akira. We wish you and your family a Happy Easter too! (And we have an award for you . Stop by our place to pick up)

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We think you would look very handsome riding that purple bike! Then again, we think you look handsome whatever you do, Tanaka-Chan!

How nice that you take he time to visit your Rainbow brothers!

#1's doctor friend is going to stop by this afternoon to take a look at her wrist. She is very lucky.

The Chans

Katie Isabella said...

Happy Easter all of you. San and all of you babies. xxoox Pawhugs.

Katie Isabella said...

Ask San to give you lessons on riding that bike. i KNOW you can do it. xo

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, so much to be thankful for! We are so happy that Bujang got such a great report at the osteopath. And that Tanaka and Ms Akira are becoming more tolerant of each other.

Big hugs to you all, and Happy Easter!

Eileen said...

Happy Easter! We are very happy to hear that Bujang is doing so well! And the rest of you are getting along well. I am having a restful long weekend . Meow, Jessica

The Swiss Cats said...

That was rather a busy than an easy Sunday ! Happy Easter to you all ! Purrs