Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Mood


This is just the way I had envisioned the amigos to be together 3 years ago - sitting peacefully in the same space and time. It has taken us almost 3 years to come to this situation and it happened last night after dinner. Ms Akira was in the kitchen so I allowed Tanaka out into the living room where he played and sniffed about and later sat on top of the night cage. I thought everything would be as per normal with all kitties in their safe places until I turned around and saw THIS! My heart nearly leapt out of my mouth! That was how surprised I was. But good sense stopped me from scooping her up. Instead I let her just sit there relaxing (of cos with her eyes staring at Tanaka and Tanaka intently looking down at her). I was also surprised that Tanaka did not immediately leap down to chase her as well. However, after some minutes Akira got up slowly. I knew from her twitching ears and tail that she was not sure and so I got up and sat on the sofa, close enough for her to walk towards me if she wanted...and she did. Only then did I scoop her up and put her in her calm room as it was already 8 pm and Tanaka will have to get down to go to bed. All in all, it was the best Easter we have ever had in our house.
I thought it would be wise to list down the steps that might have contributed to this so I know what I had done and not done or can still explore. It had taken Akira a long time to have such courage to tell Tanaka off as well and by actually making a choice of sitting with everyone, she is making one of her wishes come true- that is to sit peacefully with everyone in the living room. I had to put her on clomicalm (on her vet's recommendation for over grooming). This only added to her stress as she knew when this would happen and he whole body would tense up. So I had given her Ovarid that I can put in her food as it is tasteless and odourless. This was only for a short time as it could give her diabetes in the long run.For the period that was taking Ovarid, her fur grew but after the vet stopped it, she began to overgroom again. She also had bloodwork before the clomicalm and after the Ovarid.

Then I had  skyped Laura Stinchfield, thepetpsychic or animal communicator to ask her what was wrong. This was when I discovered the following:
1. That the boys think her eyes were frightening
2. That they think she walked queerly for a cat
3. That they think she was going to hurt them as she her eyes were too big and she walked strangely.
Akira also said:
1. Her neck hurt when she walked
2. her legs hurt as well as she needed to walk low and stalk about as she was frightened of being chased by the boys (they did chase her all the time if they could)
3. She frequently could not see very well and that was why she had to open her eyes wide.
4. That she felt afraid all the time and she said she would prefer to 'die' than have Megat (my rainbow kitten) hurt her again.

Laura recommended a chiropractor to correct her spine. Dr Ly our vet, recommended an osteopath Adrian to help her as she was a timid cat and all that chiropractic manipulations may do her more harm than good. So we got Adrian and indeed he told me that as she had been walking very low for many years, she indeed an a curved spine and this would have been extremely painful for her and she had legs that were bent as she had to stalk low so the boys would not see her (eventhough she was in her room). She had undergone about 2 months of weekly visits to Adrian and now as her spine is straight, she goes once every 3 months.

I had also gotten her Reiki help (which all 3 now have) on a weekly basis with Fern. Fern helps them with Reiki and also talks to them weekly like a psychiatrist :)). Everyone gets Spirit Essence (from Jackson Galaxy) for their own special condition every day, Akira and Tanaka share both spaces (in the computer room) and the rooms in the house daily so that they recognise each others scent and now Tanaka shares the living room without the harness when Akira is in the kitchen. Tanaka knows not to go into the kitchen when she is there (of cos sometimes he forgets or the curiosity is just too much for him). 

Akira has grown much in self-confidence and Tanaka has grown to accept that they both must share the living spaces as well as the significant spaces.

So you can see why we were so excited to see all of them sitting quietly last night. We hope to see more of this.  
Akira out walking yesterday. Walking outside in the harness sis also good for her self-esteem and she likes walking at night when it is quiet. Yesterday she walked out in the late afternoon.
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meowmeowmans said...

Wow! All three of you, in one room? :)

Pretinha said...

Parabéns pelo prêmio!
Fico contente que seus gatos estejam convivendo pacificamente, eu acho que isso é o que todos nós desejamos, ver nossos gatos felizes.

Everycat said...

You got there in the end! and no one could have done more to ensure their feline family was happy and their needs catered to.

Everything that happens, happens in cat time, not human time!