Sunday, January 09, 2011

Toroble again?

The good thing was his kidney indicators are excellent. Since this was done at 10.29 am, I was much encouraged that we were successful in managing at least these indicators.
Toro last night sleeping in his buster collar.

His urinary catheter - looks painful and I'm sure it was a constant iritant. He did not worry it at the hospital but once home, he started to lick at it if I did not put the buster collar back on!

Toro at the vet this morning to check why he was not peeing even after the catheter was in.

Ooohh I am so tired of vets and catheters and medicine and....

I had to bring him back to the clinic to check why he was not peeing freely in his litter even after the doc had put in this catheter. I called the hospital and they said to check if there was a kink (there was none) as sometimes this would not allow the pee to flow. He also had blood stained pee (that leaked through his catheter). The nurse said this was usual for cats with urinary catheters. But as I am paranoid I made an appointment and saw the doc Dr L at about 1130.
After many questions, she said she would drain it and then check the placement of the catheter. Toro may have dislodged it in his sleep or sitting about. Then she did an xray to see the state of his bladder etc. All were ok and so she puzzled some more. After some more discussion she told me that if his spots of urine came up to a good puddle the it was okay. She said his bladder may be a little irritated and that was why he was in and out of the litter but as there was very little urine in his bladder, it was to be expected that it would only drip.
I had also decided this morning to take out his collar for his morning and evening meals and when he ate his kibble (under my supervison). After that he would have his collar on immediately as he would begin licking his catheter immediately and I really do not want a BIG accident to happen to the little guy.
So we left with the doc giving him a Dexaason injection to reduce his irritaion. Dr L also gave us an antibiotic marbocyl and an anti-irritant serrazyme and I have to give them to him 2X a day. So many pills for such a tiny body.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Poor Toro-Chan! It all sounds very irritating indeed! We are hoping for a huge improvement very soon and are pleased that his kidney indications are excellent.

By the way, the rainbow collar on the collar looks exactly like the one Yuu-Chan used to wear.
The Chans

Anonymous said...

My cat had kidney stones/crystals and they jammed 3 catheters - no pee. Eventually male cat had perineal urethrostomy surgery. As cat was 14-yr old, Dr L gave a epidural instead of anesthetics. Cat now pees fine and doing well. For PU surgery, you need experienced vet.

Anonymous said...

BTW, you need to keep collar on at ALL times. The catheter (held by 2 stitches) wld irritate the urethra and cat wld try everything to get it out. My cat wld drag his butt on the floor and dislodge the catheter in 2 mins - then catheter needs to be replaced - another horrid experience!! That is why displaced catheter is placed in a prominent place in house, remembrance of a very long & tiring experience ; )

KXBC said...

Hope everything will turn up well at the end.