Monday, January 03, 2011

The Many Faces of Bujang

In the space of a few minutes Bujang went through more than 3 poses of sleep.

Bujang made a lot of noise this morning - MEOW! MOW! RORROOWWWW as he wanted to be let out very early in the morning. My first instinct was just to let him out but then I remembered Ms Akira, whose insistent whining can really plaster anyone to the wall! I made the mistake of indulging her one too many times and I have had to relive it again and again :) I wonder if she can be re-trained.

However Bujang would meow very loudly if he threw up somewhere and would only be quiet when I clean it up though.

Also, I also noticed that Megat also meows loudly at dinner from the very beginning. So he is with us for 3 years already and he still meows at dinner, afraid of being left out. The good thing is I noticed once or twice when he was very quiet at dinner and both these times were because he was not well at all and I was able to get him help.

So maybe re-training the kitties may not be the brightest idea :)

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