Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Before and After

Toro is a smart kitty.
When he had the catheter, I would still allow him up on the bed. I was pleasantly surprised to chance upon him being quite fastidious. He would rest like this in the afternoons with his bottom on his own pillow-blanket with the plastic lining and the rest of him on my bed. Of course the whole bedsheet would be cleaned daily but I appreciated his efforts.
Yesh. I am a good boy and appreciate the fact that san allowed me to walk about in her room.

Toro after his groomer appointment.
I had taken him to the groomer last Saturday, 2 days after the vet took out his catheter, last Thursday night. I had checked his catheter every morning and decided to bring him to the vet on Friday instead so we could do the sub q as well as take out his catheter but when I came home, I saw that one of the stitches had come undone. I called the practice and they told me they would see him asap.

Dr H took out his stitches and chatted with him softly. Toro was not interested in all the chat and wanted his stitches out 'NOW' please. As soon as his catheter was out (OUCH!), he peed copiously on the vet's table and so we had a nice urine sample for testing of PH levels as well as crystals. No luck on the crystals but acidic on the urine, which was good and so I was told that the new diet was working for him rather nicely although we do not know if it would be successful to help him with his still-unidentified uroliths :(
I am glad to report that he urinates nicely now and there are big enough puddles every time he does it. He is now his own lovable and affectionate self, asking to be brushed at all hours of the day and running after shadows :)


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Good news on the peeing, Toto-Chan. We were wondering how you were doing!

The Chans

KXBC said...

good to hear that.

Anonymous said...

Glad that Toro has urether removed and that he is comfortable again. Our MCat has calcium oxalate crystals & we were told to try to keep urine in acceptable pH range as stones cannot be dissolved. Struvite stones tend to form in alkaline urine and calcium oxalate in acidic urine. I get cheap test strips from pharmacy to check pH-not accurate but better than none.