Saturday, January 08, 2011

Ooh the Toroble I Was In

an old pic of Toro

This whole week was a rather hectic one for Toro. First he had a fever on Wednesday night. I knew he was unwell as he sat in the bedroom by himself at 8 pm!! His ears were a little hot and I spent the night worrying if he was goig to be ok. The next morning he was up and eating and I thought we were home free. NOT so fast!

Yesterday Sister N called cousin R to report Toro's strange behaviour. He was running about and stared hard at Sister S in the face. Then he ran about some more in the afternoon. Toro would usually be quite laid back and would spend the day sleeping. So when I came home and heard these strange tales, I decided to take him to the vet. Nothing seemed wrong and we were sent home with some painkillers. The vet said he might have some pain and I was to get a urine sample. She also said he had quite a bit of stools that prevented her from feeling his bladder. But as he has no fever I thought we were home free..again. NOT so fast!!

When we came home from the vet, he ate some food and then spent the whole night under the bed. He was not even sleeping, merely sitting wide-eyed. So at 5 am I called the hospital for an appointment and was told that the only slot was at 6. I told them that my cat seemed blocked and I was farid he could be badly affected by this. NO pee and poo for 14 hrs! The nurse told me to bring him in first thing, which I did. We were the first one that Dr Lee examined. Thak goodness for that.

So finally he had to be hosiptalised for the day, he was on 500 ml sodium chloride, and he had a catheter in his urethra to boot. He was sedated so they could do this. I was told to get him at 9 pm! The vet said she hoped to try to at least clean up his toxins and maybe this would also help with then sedimentation in his bladder. She would also give hm something to help with the poo!

Now Toro is asleep and I have no heart to put him somewhere else eventhough his catheter would leak out some urine. I had put some plastic inside a pillow case and now he is sleeping on it. So even if it leaks, it would not go through to the bed. Tomorrow I would try to find my old shower curtain and place it under my bedlinen. I think it matters little that my linen would have small spots of urine as I can always wash it- repeatedly if need be but at least Toro is now sleeping soundly.

Btw he has a buster collar which made him very clumsy. I had to hand feed him his kibble as he was not able to eat anything with his collar on. Finally I took out his collar so he could eat his night snack and he ate quite hungrily. He was not pleased with me when I put his collar back on again. I really don't know how he was going to eat and drink with the collar. I should have asked the vet techs! Aiyah! Pictures tomorrow :)


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Gosh! What a day! So, do you actually know what happened to him?

You're right about linens being washable. I had similar problems with Yuu-Chan, and making him comfortable is the only thing that counted.

As for the collar, is it possible to take it off just while he eats and drinks?

We're crossing all our paws and fingers for our friend Toro-Chan.

Everyone at The Poupounette

mylittlebuddies said...

I hope that whatever that is bugging Toro will clear up soon.

Get well fast, Toro-boy!

Anonymous said...

None of my UTI cats pee-ed in the litter, the blood tinted urine wld flow out of the catheter when the cat moves. I put cat in an enclosure (baby play-pen) with liners on the floor and a shallow pan with recycled paper pallets or he wld drip urine all over the house. Cat's rear end reeks of urine after a few days. Of course not all cats are the same, Toro is such a gentle baby. All the best Toro! Cat is able to eat and drink with a e-collar but you can take e-collar off at mealtimes if you do not blink ;)