Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Only Advice

Our advice to anyone who reads my blog and wants to know if they should do as Dr L says is ALWAYS DO IT. If you are going to a*** and given sang hwang for a cancer kitty, the best thing to do is always try and if you can't bear to put in the suppository, go to the nearest vet and ask them to help you with it. Then after you think you have done all that you can, do some more. It is worthwhile if you can get your cat a good and fulfilling life. THAT is our advice. However, you need to discuss with your vet if you plan to deviate from the given protocols. God Bless Y2. May you get better sooner than later. M experience with Megat has always been this - Listen to your cat, your vet and your heart and you will know what you need to do.
We have been very lucky with Megat and he has been cancer free for ONE whole year. I take heart from the fact that there is a cat who has been cancer -free for 7 years! Megat is already 15 years old. I do not know how long more he has with us but I hope its long. All I know is I would try to help him along as much as I can.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Well said!

KXBC said...

True. Do as much as you can and add in another 10%. As long as it is not suffering from pain and losing quality of life, it's worthwhile to fight on.

But we must also learn to stop all we are doing and listen to the cat. They will tell us exactly if they still want to fight alongside with us. Sometimes it may just be too painful to continue with the fight.

Anonymous said...

Very true. Except Dr L said to stop giving X to my cat. The moment X was stopped, the cancer came back with a vengence. It took 2 surgeries and a lot of effort to keep cancer into remission one more time (w a lot of praying). Do keep giving what is necessary ;)
Yes, that 110% committment is absolutely necessary. Megat, you are one loved cat !!