Monday, September 10, 2012

Update for Totoro

an old pic of Toro

Toro had 70 ml of Type A blood from Bujang. He was all wrapped up in a rowel when I saw him, sitting quietly when a nurse gave him his blood transfusion. He was cold as he was also anemic due to the operation on Saturday.

I saw Dr Ly and he told me that when during surgery he saw that his left kidney was not working at all due to the amount of sand in it. His right kidney was misshapen and swollen and when he cut it, the urine spurted out of it. This kidney was also almost blocked by sand. There was no big stone already as the 2 big calculi has dissolved into sand and he had to siphon all of that out. Of course as a result of the cut, he has anemia as well and his urea and creatinine levels are way up. Dr Ly said that without the surgery, he would only have about 3 weeks before his kidney totally shut down.

Now that the had gotten rid of the sand, he could now urinate better and he was pleased with that. However, because Toro was so stressed in hospital, he was not getting any better so he wanted me to bring him home to see if home would be better. Dr Ly said this would be his recommendation always but he wanted to monitor Toro in hospital and that was why he had to stay.

He also added that he did not know where the sand came from (and of course this was what had puzzled all his doctors from 2 years ago as well). He said all that we could do now is monitor his urea and creatinine and he has to get sub q 250 daily. he would also be given some meds for his anemia. he has to take his usual kidney medicine and we have to come back in 2 days.

When I left him in hospital, he was asleep and so I hope that Dr Ly is right - that home would be better for him. (He did perk up a little when he heard Bujang wailing in the hospital). I hope his PCV is better but I will only know this tonight.

Toro's pcv is now up to 20% from 10%, thanks to Bujang. But it sems sometimes it would take much longer to get a true reading so tomorrow we are going to Tampines to get his pcv reading. His review with Dr Ly is on Wednesday.

He came home at 7.40 and immediately inspected the house. Then he hid in the tunnel but he actually allowed himself to be syringe-fed with the mixture that Katie had shared with us, but only about 5 ml of it before he decided that enough is enough. he drank some water by himself (HOORAY!) and is now in bed, sitting on my blanket.

He has eprex for anemia and a herbal remedy to increase his blood pcv as well. Of course he came home with painkillers and anti-biotics. It is lucky that he is also quite easy to pill.


Anonymous said...

Dear Toro

I have been checking San's blog hoping to see an update on your condition. Big Bro gave his blood to you. How cool! You have Big Bro's blood so you must get well.

Dear San

You may want to check Toro's diet if there is any mineral content. If there is, you may want to stop the diet and give him home cooked food like boil chicken/fish soup with blended brown rice and vegetable. Dr Ly recommended this diet for my Kiro.

Do take care. It will help if someone can visit Toro tonight to cheer him up.


Katnip Lounge said...

You must rest and heal up. Take your medicine and know that we are purring hard for you!

Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina said...

Purrs and prayers for Toro.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We hate to think of our buddy Toro-Chan going through difficult times, but we are crossing our paws that now that his kidneys have been flushed and he has some of that extra-special blood from Bujang, he will recover quickly.

Lots of BIG Purrs,
The Chans

My pets protection said...

I hope Totoro will be alright. Wishing the best for him.

Anonymous said...

Dear San

It is good that Toro is home. At least he is alert and drinking by himself. Every step that he takes is a good sign.

Dear Toro

It is good to be home, ya? Kisses and Hugs from all purrs at home.