Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Totoro on Tuesday and an Update

Who is that san? I don't recognise the scent...

Toro's older pictures. Sorry I have not taken anything new of him but will try today.

Last night he spent much of the time trying to get comfortable in bed and found a spot close to the wall, on my blanket. We did not have the air con on as the vet techs told me that anemic cats get cold because of the anemia and so we had just the fan.

Bujang and Tanaka did not sleep on the bed as they spent the whole time last night sniffing him and trying to get to know him again. Even Megat came close to sniff him. Toro took it all in good grace and touched noses with everyone except Megat.

This morning he had 10 ml of the rice/fish/veg broth concoction and all of his pills. He went up the coffee table to drink from the public water bowl and gave me one loud meow for a grooming session. Then he decided some rest and hide was in order and hid at the green tunnel. He did go to pee several times.

Later I will try to get him some steamed fish for dinner. Maybe he would get his appetite back.

Today, we would be going to Tampines to get his pcv reading as well.

Our new photos of Totoro
 Toro and Bujang resting easy ...
 Toro pretending that the camera wasn't there. His right eye is smaller than his left but this could be due to him not being well...

His pcv remains stable at 20% when we took the test this evening at Tampines. Dr Tay said that this is on the low side of the indicator, the lowest being 24%. However he said that this was good progress and that when there is a transfusion, it is not good to have such a high indicator right after. We are hoping that his Eprex would do the trick. Tomorrow he gets his last of 3 injections of Eprex. However I remembered Megat had more than that when his pcv was very low 31/2 years ago, sometimes as low as  5% only!

He had his sub q and pills given to him at the clinic. Dr Tay also gave him something for his vomitting as today he had vomitted twice. He was not pleased at this and swatted him. WOAH! But Dr Tay was very understanding and said that Toro has always been such a good boy and probably today, it was one injection too many. He had 3!

At dinner, he refused to eat his steamed fish at 6 pm and I could not get the fish fine enough to go into a syringe. However I had the presence of mind to buy a sachet of Walthams renal pouches. So I had put some through a sieve and given him this to eat through the syringe. He had 15 ml before he refused any more. So at least that was some food in him.

Before I put him to bed (and he is now in bed on my blanket with the fan on), I had given him 15 ml more of the same and he ate quite willingly. He is quite used to being fed with the syringe as we give him a mixture of pumpkin and papaya every day to help with his digestive system.

He drank quite a lot of water and had gone to pee twice when I am home. However during the day, it was difficult to see as there are 4 cats using the bins and I did not want to separate him from the rest. It seemed that he was busy walking about the whole day and had climbed up and down his cat tree by the window. Grandma and Sister N were very worried that he would unravel his stitches. Even Dr Tay told him not to be climbing up and down. But he checked the stitches anyway and announced them secure. 

I hope tomorrow he would decided to eat something by himself but if not I would just need to feed him with a syringe until he is stronger. 

We have a review tomorrow with Dr Ly at 6.15. Please wish us luck.


Katnip Lounge said...

Paws crossed that he continues to heal. Us kitties are wise, and know that rest is the most important thing. Purrs...

Anonymous said...

3 of my cats had blood transfusion and if i remembered correctly, pcv was 20% soon after. All the best Toro on Wed.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Thank you for the update, San. We understand that Toro-Chan is not feeling quite himself after all that prodding and poking. We are purring that he will be eating again willingly very soon.

The Chans

Anonymous said...

Toro, you are such a good boy. You don't have to wear a collar. Cheer up, you will get well soon. Must eat to gain strength.

Take care...San too.