Friday, February 24, 2012


Is it Friday already? Every day is Friday san don't you know?

Except for the occasional bout of coughing Megat takes life easily:) Of course he takes every chance of beating up Toro. But Bujang and him have been having a lot of fun playing tag, with him running after Bujang of course, not the other way round.

Where are you going Bujang?
Ms Akira likes sitting here by the open window. She is so quiet that not many people realise she is there and she is able to hide herself if she is afraid.

Bujang had a good time at the grass patch in between our 2 flats. This is where the grass grows longest. I think the grass mower people could not be bothered to remove the branches that were there and so mowed around them. He likes hiding here thinking that no one can see him:)

Bujang enjoying the early afternoon.

We are lucky not many people walk here at all and students do not hang around in this patch. Also no one plays football here. I do not know why as this patch is bigger than the one with the footballers. But I am grateful as it is always quiet and we would see at most one or two people walking their dogs.

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Katie Isabella said...

Everyone looks so sweet and happy. I wish my mom would let ME out but she said she's afraid I wouldn't like the leash and harness. She needs to TRY ot before she gives up!