Monday, February 20, 2012

Ms Akira's Gotcha Day

Today Ms Akira is 7 years old. Hurray!!
I don't feel 7 san. Are you sure? What are we going to do today?
Ms Akira spent a good deal of the time with The Butterflier. She is very good at it!
It was a good Gotcha day except when I had to eat the pill! YUCK!!

We tried to pill her but failed miserably. I ended up with a shredded shirt and a very angry kitty! Then I remembered Ginger Jasper's advice about giving her the crushed pill in some water. So I added a good measure of honeyed water to the crushed pill and put it all in a syringe. It was surprisingly easy from then on. Ms Akira has already forgiven me and is sitting on my lap as usual. Maybe tomorrow I would give her the pill in some Appelin as she has not been eating well these few days. The Appelin is sweet and so would disguise the taste of the clomicalm and she would eat more of her food to boot. It is true though that the clomicalm is rather bitter. I tried some of it and just like Ms Akira I must agree- YUCK!


Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Happy Gotcha Day - hope you get lots of loving today!

Katie Isabella said...

Happy Gotcha day you beautiful girl. My sisfur Admiral hated pilling but we got thru it with the Greenies Pill pockets. YOu may not have those where you live darling girl.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, you beautiful green-eyed girl!!! Sorry you;re being hassled with pills, though, but it sounds like San is coming up with some good solutions.

The Chans

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Happy Gotcha Day. Sounds like there was some good, some bad in it.

We're not sure we can leave a comment but we can't find an email address for you, so we will try. But we can NOT read the new word verification, even with a magnifying glass, usually in less than half a dozen tries.

We (and a whole lot of other bloggers) posted on this subject Saturday. Please stop by, read it and consider removing the illegible WV.

Again, Happy Gotcha Day, Akira!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Ms Akira.

Eric and Flynn said...

Happy Gotcha Day Akira.

meowmeowmans said...

Happy gotcha day, beautiful Miss Akira!

Marg said...

Hope you have such a wonderful Gotcha day. And we hope you have many more great gotcha days. Those darn pills are really hard. Hope you can figure something out.
I really don't have any trouble with the new word verification. Good to meet you and hope you have a fantastic day. Take care.Sending purrs to Megat and to

Fuzzy Tales said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Akira. We're sorry you need yucky pills, hope it goes okay.

Katnip Lounge said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Akira!
We hope the syringe thing goes well for you. Mommy had to laugh, she too tried a taste of the clomicalm to see how bad it IS icky! Paws crossed you start feeling better soon. Maui stopped spraying within a week of his first dose.

Karen Jo said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Ms. Akira! I am glad that you had lots of fun except for the pill. I used to be hard to pill, myself, but I eventually got used to it.


Old Kitty said...

Happy happy happy Gotcha Day beautiful Ms Akira!!! Awwww pills are not nice especially on your special day - but yay for mum remember great advice from GJ and trying the syringe!

Take care

The Island Cats said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Akira! We hopey you are having a good day!!