Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Never To Walk Outside Again?

Why san...why?

Truth be told, the letter from the AVA had worried me quite a lot. I had entertained the idea that someone seen Bujang and I walking and minding our own business, had been to my flat and taken down my address (oh dear). Then had called the AVA about it. But who would do such a thing as my cats and I live quiet lives and none of them are ever allowed to run about by themselves outside of my house.

I had thought of other dog walkers whose turf I might have inadvertently taken as now they would not be able to walk their dogs when Bujang is out, pigeon-lovers whose beloved pigeons have been scared off by Bujang's game of chase but not catch or just people who dislike cats. I don't really know but it is _quite strange to get a notice from the AVA about licensing my dog.

THEN I called the AVA and was told that the information came from my VET!!! WHAT! It seemed that they had given the input that I had a dog (read Ms Akira) and it was actually the certificate that I was given that read 'dog'. I had only realised this much later and when I went back to the vet (after several days), all they did was to cancel 'dog' and written 'cat' but did not rectify their error in their computers nor sent a note to the AVA.

The Support Officer from the AVA then asked me if I had a cat. I said yes, I have one...okay I have a few more but I brought only 1 cat to be microchipped at that time. She then told me to ignore the notice and asked me for the number. I guess she would amend the situation. I wonder if the AVA checks for microchips when someone brings in an animal.


Anonymous said...

Oh phew...what a screw up but good thing you checked and the problem has been rectified.

Anonymous said...

Alamak! What unnecessary hassle...

Auntie p