Sunday, August 16, 2009


Our house has been purty busy last week. Grandma had her cataract operation and san had decided to do some spring cleaning. san threwout many offur her own fings. san said its better to have a house with only a few fings but she did not throw away our fings at all. All offuerour fings are necessary fur us! The only fing is she has also rearranged the furniture and now we cannot jump on her from the top offur the cupboard when she is asleep but no matter. There is always headbutting her awake in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Wishing Nenek a speedy recovery :) San, if she wants to, you could get her a pair of sunglasses when and if the glare from the sun gets into the house.

My mum used it, so is my uncle currently. And so were a few other aunties I met at SGH's National Eye Centre [?]. I kaypoh lah going around making friends :D

the letter b

cat_aunty said...

Get well soon, Grandma!!!

San did u manage to get the caterer?

Anonymous said...

Wishing Grandma a speedy recovery.
Yeah, get the Fitover wrap-around 100% UV protection sunglasses - cuts glare from top & sides. Fitover glasses are worn over prescription glasses, cheap too. Friends who had cataract surgery recommend them ;)
Bujang, hope you have relieved San of her worries by now.