Sunday, August 02, 2009

Amigos on Sunday afternoon

Bujang is really taking to sleeping on cushions seriously. Its a precarious balancing act!
No Megat. THAT is my lunch (corn beef and cheese and egg that I got from TOne)

Megat, as always is very kpo when anyone has something good to eat. The sniffing can take quite some time , after which he would also sniff at your hands and clothes for good measure. He is looking fatter. I am hoping to feed him up to 4 kg, after which we will just have to maintain the weight.

Cousin R is buying us a small pestle and mortar (made of wood) in Geylang so I can pound his mushroom capsule (Natural defense) into powder. I can't use grandma's granite one as she pounds chilli etc in it (ouch)


cat_aunty said...

Hahahaha Bujang what are you doing!!

Being interested in his surroundings is a good thing. That means Megat still has the fight in him.

Anonymous said...

How about using a electrical grinder? Ikea has a small ceramic mortar and pestle & a pill-crusher (for 1-2 tabs) is available at pharmacy. I had to crush lysine tablets, now i use Enisyl-F which is a palatable paste. What a diff that makes for cats and me.