Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday Easy

Today is acupuncture day for both Bujang and I. Eventhough the post is for Saturday Easy, I am not making it easy for san to get me. Hiding under grandma's bed is one of the safest places to be and I plan to be under there until the time for the appointment to the needle doctor. Wish me luck everyone. 
Saturday Easy will be for me as I will not be going to any doctor. I plan to catch more sunpuddles later on. I managed to touch Akira's butt yesterday and got time-out here. So it wasn't such a bad time-out. She screamed at me and san told me to behave. It was not my fault if she was not looking out for herself! The time-out was worth the shenanigan as I had never been able to do that!! It was so worth 2 exclamation marks. 


Team Tabby said...

We are also friends of the Poupounette, however, we live in eastern Canada and not in France. Our humans have met #1 in person though since she sometimes visits Canada. She showed us the wonderful package that you sent to the Poupounette. It is wonderful.



Eileen said...

Good luck at the acupuncturist, Akira. I am sure all will go well for you and Bujang. Meow from Jessica