Sunday, January 18, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday

We have had a good week. Eventhough san is back at work, she does try to spend time with us although we think she should spend more time. 
I am trying to find my way in this new situation. I know I would not win the fight with Popps but I am trying to figure out our new space. San says it will take some time for me to find my way and that is true. I am used to having things my way and so now I am a little confused. San told me to cheer up. Maybe I will. I will have to see. 
I do not mind the needle doctor. I have now 2 more needles for chi. He is very gentle and speaks softly to san and I when we are there. What I do know for sure is that my fur is growing after 5 years and I bite through my skin only sometimes. The warm sea salt bath is also working well. However the TCM does not taste good and I try to get it out of my mouth by salivating. The needle doc gave san some catnip to put in my TCM as it might make me salivate less and eat more of the herbs. San says she will try. The needle doc also gave san some catnip seeds to plant. We will see if san has the green fingers for that. I doubt it but we will see. 
I have been here close to five months. I have been trying very hard to negotiate my space here. I have learnt to relax  a bit more and to play more. I love my purple mouse more than any other toy. It's doesn't squeak but that's ok. I have many more things to learn but my favourite routine is the 8 pm one. At 8 pm I get into my cage and I wait for night snacks. I don't have to sleep in it any more though. I only use it to eat in. I now sleep on the washing machine or on top of the fridge or in my red bed. San puts my red bed in the kitchen at night and closes the glass door. I am now used to sleeping the whole night through in one place. We'll see about the rest of the months though. 
No. I do not want to open my eyes. I am pretending that the needle doc is not going to see me again. San tells me that my fur is softer and my skin is not too dry with the TCM. I am also slimmer as my digestion is better. I still do not like the TCM and I can smell it in my food. But I eat it anyway as I know it will help me get better. BUT do not ask me to behave better with the needles. I absolutely refuse to calm down!

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Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We loved reading everyone's updates and are glad you are all working to make the situation better. You all sound a lot happier.

The Chans