Monday, September 16, 2013

Our Cat Totoro

We thought it would be good to write about our rainbow bridge kitty Totoro today. It was a whole year ago that he left us, Sunday September 16 2012.
We still miss him but not as sharply as before as there are reminders of him still in our house. We didn't put anything of his away. His grey kitty with the last collar that he had worn and his favourite scratcher are still out for the rest of the kitties. 

We got some pictures of his, all of these we had put up already but we like them as much now as before.
 This was Totoro being the mancat model that he always was.
This was one of his favourite places - on top of our cupboard that usually gets a lot the breeze from the open window. He also liked sitting here because it would be quiet in the afternoons. A mancat  needed his rest away from the crowd.
 He loved his grandmother and would find any excuse for a cuddle.
This was what he looked like after the furminator when I allowed his fur to grow longer than usual. Undoubtedly he knew he was a very good-looking mancat and everyone who saw him loved him. They used to call him "Handsome boy." Even when he went to the vet for ultra-sound the vet techs and nurses would say hello. Once Dr Paulik even said that she told every one that Toro would be by and the nurses came by to say hello. 
But he could always be found here on hot afternoons...and now can be found at the bridge looking at rainbows and sitting on long meadows enjoying the soft breezes.
Our Friend Fern spoke to him and he has this to say:)

Hi J. Toro is very peaceful. When I talked to him I saw white bubbles of different sizes floating around him. He said he is fine and not to worry about him. He said he didn't come back so often lately but he knows what is going on in general. I updated him about his sister and his brothers. He is in a very pleasant and serene stage of mind.

I asked him if he made any friends. he said some birds and butterflies are kind to him. I asked what about dogs, cats etc? He showed me image of small kittens near him. He said there are few small dogs who are curious about him come and take a close look at him too. They didn't scare him. he said his time there passing beautifully.

He said he is still glad and grateful for the time when he was with you. he said its the time he felt loved and cared. he said even though those days can't happen again at least he had them. He gave me the image of him in the carrier when you brought him to the vet. Thats another thing he still remembers and is thankful to you. 


Anonymous said...

we miss you toro. cat aunty

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, what a beautiful post for Totoro. We are so glad he is enjoying his peaceful time at the Bridge. It sounds wonderful there.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Thank you for this beautiful post about sweet Toro. We can hardly believe it has already been a year. we remember his sweetness and his handsomeness, and we all miss him too.

The Chans