Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Wondering Wednesday

I finally set up my plan to get the kitties used to each other. I had seen Jackson Galaxy from Animal Planet's 'My Cat from Hell' and thought he gave good advice about how to kitties to behave better to each other. First I needed a screen door and then a gate of some kind. Needless to say I could not get a screen door easily in Singapore and so settled on my niece's baby gate to put across the doorway to Ms Akira's room. This created a lot of consternation and excitement for Tanaka. He walked right and left and went up the boxes to see if he could jump over the gate and into the room. So we (my niece and I) decided to put a shower curtain to cover the top half. But since we could not find my old shower curtain, I chose one of my transparent curtains and my Sister S helped with the sewing of the borders. This told Tanaka and Megat that there was no way they could jump over the gate and get into the room. Since the door would now have to remain always open (because of the baby gate), this would be added security for Ms Akira.
I had to put the wire mesh at the side as both Tanaka and Megat decided to test it to see if they could get into the room. The tested it for hours and decided that none of them were small enough for this.We left them to it for several hours.

After dinner
I gave Ms Akira some grass as she likes it. We sat infront of the gate and close to the door. Ms Akira decided to use me as as shield against the boys.
 At the other side of the gate, Cousin R fed Tanaka with grass. You can see that he ate grass WHILE keeping an eye of Ms Akira, all at once :)
 Bujang was not bothered but Tanaka spent the next 5 minutes just watching Ms Akira. 

I chose to give them the wheatgrass as they both enjoy it. I thought that if they see each other in a more joyous situation, they would get used to each other. But I realise this would take some time. Ms Akira had spent 4 years in her room so I think it is worthwhile trying to do this. 

At Night
 Tanaka (smiling): Neffur mind. I can wait.
He sat here as he had the door in his line of sight.

THIS morning- Wed 7 Nov
 Tanaka and Ms Akira ate breakfast in plain sight of each other. This is an encouraging step.
 Megat saw Ms Akira and decided to visit. She made a quick jump to her cat seat by the window and away from his line of sight.
 Tanaka kept watch but he was more relaxed. We had to move the cat furniture as well so he would not be bale to climb on any surface to jump into the room (even with the curtain) as he very curious and I know he would spend long hours trying to figure out a plan.
 After about 15 minutes, he decided to take a break and watched the bird from grandma's room :)

I know this is a long process but we will persevere. I think if the kitties can see each other continuously, they would accept each other more. I do not think they would suddenly become best friends but as long as they can live with one another and Ms Akira be more confident, it would be ok. 

We would be grateful for some advice on how to best proceed or anything else on how to re-introduce kitties together.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We think you are already doing so much, San! We always admire the wonderful, thoughtful way you look after the Amigos!

Paws crossed that they will all begin to feel comfortable together.

The Chans

Ginger Jasper said...

I think you are doing just the right thing and that given time they will all get along just fine.. Paws crossed.. Hugs GJ xx

Anonymous said...

i think u r brilliant. cat aunty

Anonymous said...

Sloooow and steady!