Thursday, November 08, 2012

Walking in the park and an update

After a series of rainy evenings, Bujang went for a walk yesterday. He has not been out for some time and he is a little pudgy. The grass was a little wet in patches but I decided we should take the chance. There was no other kitty about so Bujang had the small field all to himself. But of course the mosquitoes were quite relentless but they did not disturb him, only me :)
 Bujang walked slowly choosing the right grass to eat.
 Then he chanced upon a broken branch and there were investigations, sniffing, turning around of evidence. All in all, he walked for 45 minutes until I told him we had to go as the day was getting darker and the mosquitoes busier. I was grateful that he didn't kick up a fuss or showed me his daggers!

This morning...
 Tanaka decided he wanted to eat breakfast closer to Ms Akira. Ms Akira was not very bothered by this and the two of them ate breakfast quite amicably, in full sight of each other. I had removed  the wire mesh as grandma told me Tanaka had used it to try to climb over the fence! In its place I had tied a plastic gardening rod used to train plants.This would discourage both Tanaka and Megat from trying to squeeze themselves into the room.
The wire mesh from history!
Tanaka resting infront of the room after breakfast this morning. He was much more relaxed about it but I know his brains are whirring for the next best thing he could do to get inside the room. Ms Akira did not hang around long near the door but settled for treats and her window cat seat.  
 I an furry smart!Everyone says so and so do I. I will figure out my next best move later.
Will that kid never give up?
Bujang sitting with grandma after breakfast.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Sorry about the mosquitoes, San! #1 says she gets bitten by them really badly too! But we're glad Bujang got to go out for a nice walk. Tanaka-Chan, you are a real character and we never tire of seeing photos of you and hearing what you're thinking! We were happy to read about breakfast not far from Miss Akira.

The Chans

meowmeowmans said...

Those mosquitoes sound FIERCE! We are glad you and Bujang had a nice walk, though. :)

Good job eating near each other, Tanaka and Akira! We are proud of you.