Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Meowings

Last Saturday, I spoke to Laura Stinchfield, of the PetPsychic fame . She has worked with many vets and people who need help with their animals as well. I wanted to get Ms Akira some more help as we had not made much progress with the vets and I do not want her to be on steroids any more than we can help it. I also wanted her to talk with everyone and figure out what went wrong with how everyone sees each other. Of course since I had a lot of positive effects with Fern, I thought maybe Laura can add on to my knowledge of the amigos. We were on Skype and I spoke to her at 3.15 am! So I will be putting what we found out and what the amigos said here, just like what I had done with Fern. It was an eye-opener to say the least and I will be getting Ms Akira some more tangible help with a chiropractor this Friday(Update- Dr Ly is not for a chiropractor as Akira is an extremely shy cat. He recommended an osteopath. We will be looking this one up asap). She gave us some practical ideas of how to work together and of course the amigos had a field day talking to her. She types what the amigos say to her as they say it and then we speak about what it means and what I want to find out. Then she tells me what they say and types as well and we both come up with a  plan to help Ms Akira but along the way, I find out about the boys as well.
Bujang was very mature and sweet. He is actually just a big cat with a soft heart for everyone, with strong teeth (Do you know my mouth is strong? I don't have a hurt jaw and I can really be strong with it). When Laura spoke to him  he said:

You can tell my mom I will help her in any way I can and I love the idea of love and power in our house. I love that idea.

And when we were talking about the three cats, he has this to say:

Yes. I want to add that I am really proud of the other boys. Yeah cos they do sort of live in their own world. Like Tanaka asks me the other day if Akira could escape to the outside with him. He said he wants to wander around at night. And I asked him why Akira and he says Akira is always awake at night and she would have th best sense of danger. You know what. I feel I can help with this. Cause I feel comfortable around everyone. I can help everyone feel safe. I thought maybe I should tell Megat that he can be my friend and I will make sure that no one beats him. Yeah. If someone goes to beat him I will swat their face and tell them to back off. Tell also Megat that I think he is still strong (Megat had told Akira that he had little fight left in him just before this) and powerful and it is ok to get old around me. I will never hurt you. I think he worries about that. I will never hurt you. I will always love you and if you want me to love you from a distance I will do that.
Can you tell my mom that I want balls to play with?

and as to why he chases Ms Akira:

I chase her because she is like prey play. I have fun. If I change my attitude around her will her pain go away? If I become friends with her will she want me to lick her hurt areas? (Ms Akira had spoken about her pain in her lower legs). I wonder if she knows that me knowing that she is in pain is like me understanding why she is such a strange cat. I always thought that maybe she had a spirit in her that makes her look evil.
(Laura then told him that she was in fear and pain and sometimes the feeling can change the face. She is not evil (aggressive). She is just not feeling safe) Fear can look evil? I am willing to learn. Will she play with my toys?

If she plays with my toys I would maybe be happy cause I haven't seen her play. I just seen her flop around but if I knew she was playing maybe I could teach her how to be graceful.

Akira: I think it would be nice if he understood that when I look at him I don't always see him straight on. I see him blurry. I just want him to know that my face is not always me. Me is shy and loving and kind to others.

Tanaka: I kind of believe her and I am not mean. I am just pretending to be mean. Ok I will stop pretending.

This is just a short excerpt of what they said. I thought it would be interesting to put up what Tanaka and Akira said to each other. This Tanaka is funny but now possibly Ms Akira knows why the boys run after her. It also helps the boys to understand why she behaves the way she does so they are not afraid of her.


Katnip Lounge said...

This is fascinating! I wonder what my crew would be talking about?

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

So very interesting! Paws crossed that there will be positive effects for everyone!

The Chans

Anonymous said...

this is so amazing. cat aunty

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, that is so amazing and interesting! We especially love, love, love Bujang's answers!