Monday, September 12, 2016

Just Because

I minded my own business and did not do the meet and greet this Hari Raya. It wasn't so bad as people left me alone. San told them that I needed to rest. Here I was sitting next to the window in san's bedroom. There was a slight drizzle so the breeze was cool. 


Kari said...

We are happy that you are with your loved ones and have cool breeze. We wish Rezki could be at home, as each time he is sent away it is like starting over for everyone when it comes home. Poor boy does not know where he belongs. . We pray for him at the sitter, away from his beloved brother and home. Is Bujang feeling better knowing why Rez is away? Bujang has a big heart and sensitive nature. He and Rezki are so obviously bonded. It must be difficult for him to be without Rez even though he knows why. We are so happy there is Fern to help.
Love to all.

Eileen (missing Jessica very much) said...

A lovely rest to catch up on sweet dreams, Popps. I hope everyone had a lovely Eid.