Friday, April 15, 2016


My message for today is a simple one. Adopt a commcat and save one life from the hazards of life on the streets.

This kitty, now called Bluey came to where san and another caregiver feed commcats on Monday. The place was not a safe one and san felt that this cat needed emergency help. So they got together and removed the cat from the very dangerous car park that 2 other cats are now still residing. On Wednesday night, some one came to take him away for fostering and now he already has a forever home. He will be going to his new home with a doggie and human brother this Saturday. We are very pleased at this.
san is now taking care of Blackie and he is at my home. I don't like him much but I keep an eye on him all the time just in case he has ideas of staying in my house. He is already taking over my kitchen. san is trying to help him with his kidneys by making sure he has subq fluids twice a week and he goes for acupuncture once a week as well. His cough is now better with the TCM. san thinks it will take a longer time to get him adopted and she is trying to get him some exposure through our FB. She hopes that he would also be saved from the life of a commcat like I was. Please pray for this little kitty.


Kari said...

Please tell Blackie we continue to pray for him. We know there is a good home for him and that, somehow, it must be found. We don't understand why more people don't appreciate the beauty and elegance of black cats. We ask for God's special blessings for San, for her help with these poor kitties.
Hurrah for little Bluey. Many people love this type of kitty.

Eileen (missing Jessica very much) said...

We will continue to think of Blackie and wish him a forever home. He will make someone very happy. Thank you for saving Blackie and Bluie: they both deserve happy homes. ,y Holly was also found outside before she was rescued and brought to her foster home. Now she is with me in her forever home.