Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday News of the week.

These days San would sometimes allow me to have no collar as its hot. I told Fern about it as well. So now even if I have the collar on, it would just be one collar and not two as before. It's much better. This was me on Friday telling San to stay still so I can get some sleep on her lap. 
Yesterday I saw Adrian and he said my fur was very soft. He had helped me to stretch and massaged my muscles. He is still very puzzled as to why I am still overgrooming and of cos so is San. I told Fern that it has become a habit and difficult for me to break away. However I only needed to see Adrian in 3 months and I am glad for that as I do not like being out of my house. 
I like the morning sun here. It's just the right amount and I also get to feel the cool breeze as well. I don't run off when I hear footsteps anymore. It's quite interesting to see the people walking past my house. They don't disturb me so it's ok. 
Here I was at the osteopath for my regular checkup. Adrian said that my lymph was swollen and he had tried to drain it. He said I may have caught something. San told him that last month I didn't want to eat any wet food and had preferred kibble only and had constipation. Adrian also noticed that I had lost some weight. I am now just 4.2. I used to be 4.7. So I have to see him again in 6 weeks. 
I am feeling better about the black cat. San said it was a temporary arrangement that he was in my house. It was to make sure that he got better from his coughs. But I do not like him being in the kitchen. San told me not to get upset as he was like me before when I needed help. Even so I do not like him and had told him so. 
Life is much better with all the kitties. We seem to have found a new rhythm and way to live together. I am now not so stressed trying to make sure everyone got along. I told Fern that I am beginning to enjoy my life more. Tanaka and I also play chase together much more and I can jump up on chairs and tables like he can. I also know that the black cat is just taking refuge here to get better. I told them but Popps just does not like him. I told Fern that I know the black cat arrangement is just temporary so I am not bothered. 
The human thinks this my best picture to date. I am feeling much better as well. The human told me that I needed some help with my chest and hydration. I had gone for acupuncture treatments and had twice weekly SubQs in the house. 
Human: He will go for his review next week. If his hydration is ok I would need to release him back to the carpark. As he is our community cat, I would just need to catch him when it is time for his acupuncture and have him in the house for just the one night. He is feeling closed in as he is not allowed outside of the kitchen as this would put a lot of pressure on my other cats. 

I have also been kicked out of Facebook for some reason. It seems FB had detected some suspicious activity in my page. I do not know what was suspicious and can't even log in to see. So now that avenue for adoption is closed as well. So I think it best for him to return to the carpark for the present as this carpark is not as dangerous as the other one. 
He has also taken to hiding under the newspapers that we lay on the floor when he is in the bathroom. He seems to be afriad of Popp's stormy temper and her screaming. She keeps a very close eye on him when she is in the kitchen, sitting right outside his cage and staring at the door. 


Kari said...

My heart is breaking for Blackie. We continue to pray for him. Please God, find him a home.
Thank you, San, for caring for this special boy.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We are crossing our paws for Blackie, and that a good long-term solution will come up for him.

Facebook can be strange. We are now friends on the new page and hope they leave it alone.

The rest of you all seem to be doing well. Have a peaceful Sunday! Here, it is wet and quite cold!

The Chans