Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Cat Trivia

san was trying to tell me about somefing that she found in the net. It has somefing to do wif astrology and kitties but I was too tired. There are 12 months to listen to. So I took a nap but she thought it was interesting enough for cat moms and dads. I told her "Go on and try!" Please bear wif san a little bit. Its called KITTY PERSONALITY BY BIRTH MONTH ~ http://witchcraft-supplies.com/CharmedKittyCollars.html


- is intuitive, loyal and a trustworthy companion
Ms Akira is our February kitty :)
- is a delightful, gentle creature, with an almost psychic
intuitiveness and understanding
This is true enough. Ms Akira is very gentle and understanding of other other kitties. She prefers calm and does not like being chased or to do any chasing herself. Now of course she is much more confident and only last night, she decided to take a walk on the wilder side - going up one level to see what up there. But she hesitated a bit when she heard some loud voices and walked quite calmly back home.  
My lovely kitty Totoro who went to the Bridge last year was our
- is peace-loving and gentle, may seem to be in a world of
his own for much of the time 

and indeed he was all of that. He was non-confrontational and gentle and a little dizzy. He preferred to sit by himself  at doors and windows for the breeze. 

and then our little family does not involve any of these other kitties

- bursts with vitality and curiosity and therefore may be
difficult to get in at night

- loves his home and food; the ideal pet for the loyal cat lover

- is energetic, itelligent and interested in everything and
everyone. He hates being shut in

- thrives on affection and repays it generously, he makes
an excellent parent and a devoted pet

- is bold and proud, with a big heart, he makes a loyal
and generous companion

until Bujang, our ..

- is fastidiously clean and hygienic, and is not averse to
his own company - the classic cat

He spends much of his time cleaning and trimming his talons and he loves his own company in the lazy afternoons, preferring to nap by himself in grandma's room or on top of the night cages. He looks after the house as he is the MANCAT :)

We do not have October cats but if yours is an October cat it says
- loves the finer things in life, like soft cushions,
gentle music and constant displays of affection

The Rocket is our November cat. I agree with this entirely...
- is deeply emotional, and should be treated with great
care, if harmony is to be established

Tanaka: Hey..you forgot the laundry! Shall I open the gates fur you? Quickly cos after this I am going to play hide n seek wif my sisfur. No she doesn't know it yet...hehe

Megat came to our house in December. It says this about December cats ...

- is a happy-go-lucky feline who will prove to be a diligent
mouser and entertaining character

I think he must have been quite a good mouser to have survived so long in the carpark before he came to live with us. He is quite entertaining as he tries to give in to Bujang when Bujang wants to play. 

What about your cats?

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Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

#1 once had a kitty astrology book but isn't sure where it is anymore. Sei-Chan is our January kitty and the description of intuitive and loyal fits. We're not sure about our March kitty, Genji, as he is rambunctious and a trouble-maker... Tama is our August kitty and she is indeed bold, proud, big-hearted and loyal. As for The Beebs, he is our December kitty and he is indeed a diligent mouser and very entertaining