Saturday, August 05, 2017

Super Saturday

I ordered this cat stroller after seeing something like it in FB. It took 2 days to set up and finally yesterday it arrived and we set it up. Bujang was very excited. 

This morning I took Bujang and Rez for a walk in it. It was bright red (our fav Colour) and attracted a lot of attention. We stopped here at the bus stop just to people watch. 

We also went to our favourite park. Bujang was very relaxed and Rez made a lot of noise. He did t allow me to stop for long anywhere. 

                   Our own fav red bus


Eileen (missing Jessica very much) said...

What a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. The stroller looks very comfortable. I bet Bujang is looking forward to long excersions in the park.

Kari said...

That' is really wonderful cat stroller! We've never seen a double decker one like you have. We think Rez may be a bit unsettled because he is thinking he is being put outside again and is loosing his home! After a few times , he will be reassured and enjoy outside.