Monday, July 03, 2017

The Watch

Poppy is keeping an eye on Bujang's Lactated Ringers as well as his IV Infusion. We usually get them at the hospital where they're cheaper. It would cost us $15 at the vet but only $4.98 at the hospital. At present only Bujang needs SubQ as he is dehydrated even though we tell him to drink water often. 

We now change the water in the bowls 4 times a day to encourage them to drink more water as they also eat kibble. The kitties tell fern that they now find the water to taste better and even smell better. So I hope they would actually drink more. 
It's not often that Bujang drinks from here in the afternoon and here he was. I am Glad for him as he has some difficulty in just drinking although he tells Fern, 'Yes I know.'


Kari said...

Dear, sweet Bujang! We know it is sometimes very difficult for a kitty to drink enough water but we know that you try your best. Such a good boy. The fluids by needle may not feel best, but they help you feel strong and healthy. We love you.

Eileen (missing Jessica very much) said...

Keep drinking your water, Bujang. it can be quite a challenge to get our cats to drink. How is Bujamg doing? Such a sweet boy.